September 19, 2017  
Technical Support (Trouble Shooting, Diagnosis and Repair)

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The technical information provided in this section is intended for use by properly trained HVAC service personnel, whom can ensure a safe and properly operating system. It is assumed that the user of this guide is trained and experienced in basic refrigeration principles, in addition to being familiar with Evans Tempcon HVAC hardware installed on Recreation Vehicles. The technician must also be certified in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agencies Clean Air Act.

Before any air conditioning service is started, it is the technician's responsibility to determine what type of refrigerant is contained in the system. Component marking and/or service port peculiarities are good places to start in an effort to identify the contents.

Evans Tempcon advises that the usual precautions associated with servicing a motor vehicle be exercised when servicing the HVAC system, and assumes no liability with regard to vehicle damage or personal injury. Additionally, Federal and any Local regulations regarding the handling and use of refrigerants should be complied with at all times.

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