September 19, 2017  
Service Parts

Evans Tempcon Service Package Parts are available through the OEM or an Authorized Evans Service Center. All parts are new, not reconditioned, and packaged one per carton. Most items are available for shipment within 48 hours or less.

For your added convenience, Evans Tempcon Inc. has established well stocked Part Distribution Centers (PDC's) located regionally throughout the country. Links to these PDC's may be found by clicking on the Serice Centers tab on the left.

The following are provided as a quick visual reference for identification by the servicing technician. Information on items not pictured here is available to the OEM Parts Department or Authorized Evans Service Center by contacting Evans Tempcon Customer Service.

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1-1/16-14 Straight Female Fitting
RV011709 - 1-1/16-14 Straight Female Fitting
RV218669 - 3/4" Slice
A/C Switch
RV219540 - A/C Switch
Bi-Level Vacuum Motor
RV212154 - Bi-Level Vacuum Motor
Binary Switch
RV212069 - Binary Switch
Blower Control Knob
RV218470 - Blower Control Knob
Blower Knob
RV219511 - Blower Knob
Blower Motor
HV218419 - Blower Motor
Blower Motor (double shaft)
RV212105 - Blower Motor (double shaft)
Blower Motor (single shaft)
RV218814 - Blower Motor (single shaft)
Blower Switch
RV218475 - Blower Switch
Boden Cable 71
RV212167 - Boden Cable 71"
Boden Cable 80
RV218377 - Boden Cable 80"
Cold Control
RV212093 - Cold Control
Combo Core
RV219331 - Combo Core
Condenser Assy 22.5
RV218616 - Condenser Assy 22.5"w x 20.624"h
Condenser Assy 23.5
RV218368 - Condenser Assy 23.5"w x 20.125"h
Condenser Assy 25.0
RV218276 - Condenser Assy 25.0"w x 20.125"h
Condenser Fan (Standard)
RV218183 - Condenser Fan (Standard)
Control Cable 54
RV218477 - Control Cable 54
Control Panel
RV219537 - Control Panel
Control Panel
RV219546 - Control Panel
Control Panel Lens
RV218565 - Control Panel Lens
Coolant Valve
RV218520 - Coolant Valve
Diesel Condenser Coil
HV218644 - Diesel Condenser Coil
Diesel Condenser Coil
RV219017 - Diesel Condenser Coil
Dumb Actuator
HV038199 - Dumb Actuator
Electronic Coolant Valve
RV218967 - Electronic Coolant Valve
Electronic Coolant Valve Kit
RV218809 - Electronic Coolant Valve Kit
Evaporator Assembly (High Performance)
RV218274 - Evaporator Assembly (High Performance)
Evaporator Assembly (Midway-Ford)
RV218617 - Evaporator Assembly (Midway-Ford)
Evaporator Assembly (Midway-non Ford)
RV218271 - Evaporator Assembly (Midway-non Ford)
Expansion Valve
RV218310 - Expansion Valve
Expansion Valve
RV219535 - Expansion Valve
Ford Combo Coil
RV219542 - Ford Combo Coil
Heat (Cable) Control Knob
RV218471 - Heat (Cable) Control Knob
Heater Core (High Performance-RH)
RV218093 - Heater Core (High Performance-RH)
Heater Core (Midway)
RV218060 - Heater Core (Midway)
HVAC Base Unit Case
RV219544 - HVAC Base Unit Case
Plastic Cover (High Performance - L.H. Access)
RV218406 - Plastic Cover (High Performance - L.H. Access)
Plastic Cover (High Performance - R.H. Access)
RV218099 - Plastic Cover (High Performance - R.H. Access)
Plastic Cover (Midway)
RV218056 - Plastic Cover (Midway)
RV218549 - Potentiometer
Ranco Electronic Coolant Valve<br />(Replace with RV218809 Coolant Valve)
RV218545 - Ranco Electronic Coolant Valve
(Replace with RV218809 Coolant Valve)
Receiver Drier-Non Charged
RV218337 - Receiver Drier-Non Charged
Receiver Drier-Precharged
RV218396 - Receiver Drier-Precharged
Recirc Switch
RV219541 - Recirc Switch
Replacement Electronic Coolant Valve Kit
RV218999 - Replacement Electronic Coolant Valve Kit
RV212146 - Resistor
Rotary Control Panel, Cable-less
RV218552 - Rotary Control Panel, Cable-less
Rotary Control Panel. W/ Cable
RV218467 - Rotary Control Panel. W/ Cable
Seitz Electronic Coolant Valve<br />(Replace with RV218999 Coolant Valve)
RV218812 - Seitz Electronic Coolant Valve
(Replace with RV218999 Coolant Valve)
Single-Level Vacuum Motor
RV212094 - Single-Level Vacuum Motor
Smart Actuator
HV218963 - Smart Actuator
Temp Control Knob on Cable-Less Systems
RV218472 - Temp Control Knob on Cable-Less Systems
Temp/Modes Knob
RV219512 - Temp/Modes Knob
Vacuum Mode Switch
RV218476 - Vacuum Mode Switch
Vacuum Pump
RV218234 - Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Reservoir
RV212090 - Vacuum Reservoir
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