September 19, 2017  
V. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do about warranty?
A: Contact the coach manufacturer to determine the warranty period and information on how to proceed.

Q: Where can I have warranty repair work done?
A: Contact your local dealer or the coach manufacturer for names of repair facilities. If no repair facilities or dealers are within your area, contact an Evans Authorized Service Center located throughout the United States and areas of Canada. For a list, Click Here! . Remember to contact your selling dealer or coach manufacturer first.

Q: Where can I go for service after warranty?
A: Continue to contact your dealer, the coach manufacturer, or use the list of Evans Authorized Service Centers. For a list, Click Here!

Q: How do I know if my system is functioning correctly?
A: There is information on performance available to owners on "A/C Systems Operational Check with Estimated A/C Performance Guidelines".

Q: Where do I get parts?
A: Contact your local dealer, the coach manufacturer's parts department, or an Evans Authorized Service Center in your area. For your added convenience, Evans Tempcon Inc. has established well stocked Part Distribution Centers (PDC's) located regionally throughout the country. Contact them for replacement parts if normal channels are inconvenient.
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