Supplying Climate Control Systems to the Vehicle Market for Over Half a Century.

III. Helpful Information

Keep the condenser and radiator free of insects and debris that can block airflow across the cooling fins.

Do not block the recirculation air inlet grille located in front of the passenger's foot area.

During periods of little use, operate the A/C system monthly to keep the compressor and A/C line seals lubricated. Periodically have hoses inspected for wear.

Check coolant reservoir to maintain adequate coolant in the system; as low coolant levels could result in low heater temperature and output.

For ECONOMY MODE without A/C, use the VENT or FLOOR mode to bring in outside air. In A/C mode, when outside ambient temperatures are below approximately 40 Deg., the compressor may frequently cycle.

The A/C portion of the EVANS system is designed to operate in all modes except VENT, FLOOR and OFF. Operation in the A/C mode provides significant moisture, dust, and pollen removal for enhanced passenger comfort.

If you experience a loss of air from your dash vents, and the air is automatically diverted to the windshield (without selection of the defrost mode), you may be experiencing a loss of vacuum to the dash A/C air distribution system. This generally happens, with some gas engine motor homes, when pulling a long grade or other extended full throttle situations. By design, when there is a loss of vacuum the A/C system automatically diverts the air flow to the windshield to keep it clear as a safety feature. If this is what you are experiencing and the system turns back to normal after leveling out, you may be experiencing a vacuum loss. If this continues to happen, please contact the coach manufacturer or an Evans Authorized Service Center for direction.