Supplying Climate Control Systems to the Vehicle Market for Over Half a Century.

II. How to get the Maximum Comfort from your System

Air Conditioning

  • For best performance in very hot and/or humid climates, the system should be operated in the MAX A/C mode. In this mode, the system uses Recirculated air that has already been dehumidified and cooled. This helps the system operate more efficiently, and cool the air down faster.
  • For best temperature control and comfort, adjust the temperature control knob (hot water valve) and/or the blower fan speed, while operating in the A/C or Max A/C modes.
  • The performance of the vehicle air conditioning system can be noticeably improved by making sure all windows and curtains, which do not obstruct drivers' vision, are closed.
  • For ECONOMY MODE without A/C, use the VENT or FLOOR mode to bring in outside air. In A/C mode, when outside ambient temperatures are below approximately 40 Deg., the compressor may frequently cycle.


  • During winter operation it is suggested the blower speed be set to low speed until the engine heats up.
  • On diesel engines, the engine must be run at high idle (1500-1700 RPM) to produce heat.
  • For de-icing of the windshield, it is suggested that you use the DEFROST mode only.


Your new motor home has been equipped with the industry's best integrated heating/air conditioning system. However, this system is designed to provide windshield defrost, heating and cooling for the front seat occupants only, and is not capable of heating and cooling the entire motor home. By following the operating instructions and tips, this heater/air conditioner will provide many years of comfort and dependable service.